WhatsApp Policy Side Effects

WhatsApp an instant messaging app owned by Facebook has rolled out new Privacy Policy update notification globally since 8 January 2021. This new privacy policy seems to be not going really good for WhatsApp or specifically Facebook. With this new update, WhatsApp will collect crucial user data such as location data, IP addresses, phone model, OS, battery level, signal strength, browser, mobile network, ISP, language, time zone, and IMEI. But the acceptance deadline for the policy is extended further for 3 months, initially, it was 8 February 2021. WhatsApp Policy Update.

In view of this, applications or companies such as Signal and Telegram has started improving their platforms to give a warm welcome to the users who are shifting from WhatsApp to their platform. Initially, we have seen various new features are being added in both of them on a rapid speed. Multiple features are getting introduced to make the shift smooth for the users.

To highlight, recently an update in Telegram for iOS, the application features to import all your chat data from WhatsApp to telegram. The same case with Signal, they are adapting more and more features from WhatsApp to make the users feel like home at the cost of LOGO and UI change.

In reports, around 30% of people are strictly denying to abide by the new policy update of WhatsApp, rest 70% of people are easy with the policy update. Do comment your opinion whether you will continue with the new policy update or go with new application Signal or Telegram, we would love to know your preference.


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