Verizon’s CBRS-based 4G is faster than its 5G; New tests confirm

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  • Mar 14,2024
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Verizon 4G is supposedly getting better and faster than its 5G network, as claimed by Sascha Segan from PCMag. Last week, Verizon tweeted and suggested users turn off their 5G to conserve their battery life. Now, Verizon has yet again provided us with reasons to turn off 5G and stick with 4G.

Verizon 4G with its additional spectrum, CBRS seems to be doing wonders at this moment. CBRS is a spectrum that lies close to the C-Band. The C-Band spectrum is currently the cherry on top of the pie for Verizon after the company spent a fortune procuring it for its 5G network.

Last year, Verizon bid $1.89 billion on CBRS licenses and has utilized the spectrum in some specific locations. Segan decided to visit these spots and test 4G speed on CBRS against 5G. In a certain location, 4G download speeds reached 815 Mbps, while 5G based on the more common Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) reached only 358 Mbps.

The test was conducted in a few more locations and the CBRS-based 4G won a landslide victory. This may be good news for the future as it shows the kind of prospects, we can expect from 5G on C-band. 

“If you’re in a spot with Verizon's 'UWB’ millimeter-wave 5G, it’s absolutely terrific. UWB is the fastest form of 5G available today. But the DSS ‘nationwide’ 5G just isn’t providing any advantage right now. I’d say, turn it off if you can and check back in a few months to see if they’ve improved the situation.”, Segan says.

In the long run, it will be the C-band spectrum, that will change the course of Verizon 5G for the better and till then we can all follow what Segan says.


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