Verizon suggests users turn off 5G and save battery life

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  • Mar 04,2024
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In a tweet on Sunday morning, Verizon suggested its users switch to 4G LTE to help conserve battery life. This would solve the problems users were facing with abnormal battery drainage, Verizon said. 

Verizon here is pulling a sneaky trick by indirectly telling the users to switch off their 5G where already 4G LTE is enabled as a fallback. 

Verizon Tweet

The company which campaigned hard for 5G phones and spent more than $45 billion bid on a faster and better spectrum seems to be asking people to ignore it for now.

Verizon currently uses a technology known as Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS) for its nationwide 5G network. However, it is sometimes known to be comparatively slower than the 4G LTE. 

It has announced big plans for 5G earlier this month and continues to work on one of its top priorities of expanding coverage of high-speed mmWave which is currently limited to some parts of the US.

Verizon’s rival AT&T had also bid huge money for the new C-band spectrum, though twice as less amounting to more than $23 billion. AT&T like Verizon also relies on DSS for its nation-wide 5G network with speeds close to and in some cases lower than 4G LTE.


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