Truecaller unveils new Calling Reason Feature

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  • Oct 23,2024
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As spammers may try to leverage the new feature to falsely convince people to attend their calls, Truecaller said during a media briefing that it would use its existing spam and scam protection algorithms to limit any abuse. The company also underlined that it didn't see the reasons being sent through the Truecaller app and keep them private between the callers and recipients.

With the new update, Truecaller wants to let the receivers know why someone is calling them and thinks that it will be decisive in increasing the rate of users picking up an incoming call as opposed to when they don’t know why they’re being called. “We’ve solved the ‘who’ and now we are solving the ‘why’,” Truecaller writes in a blog post.

The app shows a “Translation available” label if the app detects a foreign language in the message. You'll then be required to press and hold on that message and select the option called Translate with Google. This will enable translation on the app. Users can also down additional language packs on their phones for offline translation.

Callers can now have three custom reasons that they can choose to be displayed while initiating a call. Moreover, the app will also allow callers to write a new reason every time they call someone. Currently, users can write a custom message that they think will often be used or just write a new reason for every call under 80 words. 

According to a blog post published by the company on its official website, the Call Reason feature has been introduced due to popular demand by netizens on social media. Furthermore, the company expects that this new feature will increase the call pickup rates as people will be able to know the sole reason for any incoming calls.

Apart from this, Truecaller is also planning to further enhance the communication of its users in 2021. So, following that it plans to introduce the feature where priority and verified customers can set the Call Reason for when they call customers and verified businesses to improve pickup rates and ensure better relationships among Truecaller users. While the Call Reason feature does look like it solves the ‘Why’ part of the call, there’s just one catch. For now, the feature is only available for users of Truecaller and is limited to Android users.


In addition to Call Reason, Truecaller has upgraded its messaging experience with the ability to let users schedule their SMS message. A dedicated schedule button is provided — next to the emoji and add attachment shortcuts — that allows users to choose a particular date and time for their message.

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