Spotify patents a song recommendation system on mood & tested audiobooks

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  • Mar 14,2024
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According to the patent, the tech would be capable to decide if the consumer was once alone, in a small group, or at a party. The patent suggests that speech consciousness may want to be used to accumulate records about age and gender, whilst contextual cues such as "intonation, stress, [and] rhythm" would grant clues as to whether or not a person was once "happy, angry, unhappy or neutral".

The patent outlines a technique of making observations about the consumer surroundings and thoughts the usage of speech focus technology. The notion is that the technological know-how would analyze the person and then play tune reflecting the temper or the social setting.

Mood detection

"Self-assessed introverts, on the different hand, tended to dig deeper into an artist's catalog, listening to greater tracks for every artist they discovered." The streaming organization is clear that the instance metadata classes which include emotions, gender, age, and accent are examples, and there are several different characterizations and classifications it can use.

Data would be mixed with different data like the user’s in the past performed songs and their friend’s style in music. Spotify has been busy patenting new technological know-how to assist enhance service. The music-streaming corporation Spotify was once granted a patent for technological know-how that goals to interpret users’ speech and history noise to higher curate the song it serves up. Technology corporations regularly file patents for improvements that are by no means used in their products.

Song recommendation

The patent outlines tech that will be capable to become aware of various non-public features like the “emotional state” of the customers and advise content material based totally on this model. Spotify used to be beforehand granted any other as a substitute unsettling patent that concerned curating a user's Spotify journey based totally on their persona traits.

Audiobooks non-music streaming

Spotify over the years has been going past song streaming via supplying extra content material like podcasts. Now the streaming platform is experimenting with 9 traditional audiobooks that are the phase of the public area however have been recorded solely for Spotify. Alongside this set of new audiobooks, Spotify has additionally commissioned a documentary collection referred to as "Sitting with the Classics on Spotify."

Spotify hasn’t achieved all that a whole lot to promote its audiobook library almost as a good deal as it has track or podcasts, however, that’s reputedly altering today. You need to now see the contemporary audiobooks promoted in your important feed, so they’re difficult to miss.

As Spotify appears to extend on its non-music streaming content, Apple is reportedly aiming to do the same. Recent reviews endorse that Apple is additionally planning a distinctive vary of podcasts as the phase of a subscription service. Spotify earlier posted a job opening for a head of audiobooks, so today’s launch may want to be the commencing of a large push into space.

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