Oppo to Bring 240W Fast Charging Soon

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  • Jul 04,2022
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Earlier this year, Xiaomi introduced the Xiaomi 11i Hypercharge which can charge a smartphone completely in under 20 minutes. Now, word is that iQoo’s upcoming smartphone, that is, the iQoo 10 Pro will come with 200W fast charging technology that would charge the phone in under 12 minutes.


The company didn’t announce exactly when its fast charging technology will arrive on smartphones, but rep[ort suggests it will come sooner than later. Possibly its X-series smartphones — could come with the 240W fast charging technology, which in turn would push the limit for fast charging technology further. While there are many fast charging options at 80W and a bit fewer at 120W, this would be a giant step in breaching the limit.

The only problem with fast charging is that it shortens the life of the lithium battery. To tackle this problem in Oppo's press release mentions Oppo's Battery Health Engine technology which keeps the battery in excellent condition after about four years — Oppo's technology keeps the battery capacity in the Find X5 Pro at 80% after 1600 cycles.

Currently, fast charging technology is only available in smartphones but it's expected to spread to other gadgets like tablets and laptops in the coming years. 


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