OPPO Launches New Find X6 Series with Three Main Camera System

OPPO today unveiled its latest flagship smartphone series, the Find X6 series, in China. Featuring a new Three Main Camera System comprising a Wide Camera with large 1-inch sensor, a groundbreaking Periscope Telephoto Camera, and a high-quality Ultra Wide Camera, the Find X6 series evolves smartphone imaging technology beyond the ‘main camera’ system to an all new Three Main Camera era.

Among the three cameras, the Periscope Telephoto Camera features the largest sensor of any smartphone telephoto camera on the market, resulting in a camera that not only spans distance, but spans light and dark to finally bring telephoto photography capabilities into low-light environments.

A Classic Design Both Inside and Out

The Find X6 series integrates powerful imaging performance into an instantly recognizable classic camera-inspired look that plays to the phone’s strengths in photo and video capabilities.

Crafted with glass and brushed aluminum, the centerpiece rounded lens module gives the Find X6 series its sleek and elegant appearance. The textured surface of the aerospace-grade aluminum lens bezel is designed to mimic the grip of classic camera lenses, while an orange dot at the base of the bezel pays homage to the alignment dots found on classic SLR cameras.

Three Main Cameras Unleash Flagship Imaging Experience

The Find X6 series is equipped with OPPO's most powerful imaging system to date, offering not just one but three main cameras to bring smartphone photography into a new era. All three of these cameras — a Wide Camera, Periscope Telephoto Camera, and Ultra Wide Camera — feature best-in-class image sensors and state of the art optical designs to deliver flagship-level image quality that never disappoints.

Near or Far, Light or Dark, the Best Periscope Telephoto Camera

The Periscope Telephoto Camera of the Find X6 series features an all-new periscope lens module and the largest sensor of any telephoto camera on a smartphone to date. This cutting-edge hardware, combined with OPPO’s image processing algorithms, allow the Periscope Telephoto Camera to deliver exceptional image quality and an entirely new telephoto user experience in low-light environments for the first time, revolutionizing the way that telephoto cameras are used on smartphone.

Find X6 Pro is available in three new colorways: Brown, Black, and Green. The Brown colorway is crafted with a vegan leather and metal-like glass material back cover while the Black and Green colorways feature an AG glass that has been polished to give it a metallic look and feel. Find X6 is available in Green, Gold, and Black. Both Green and Gold finishes are created using OPPO’s patented OPPO Glow process while the Black model features a mirrored glass material.

Thanks to the large sensor size and lens characteristics of the Periscope Telephoto Camera, together with OPPO’s high-speed autofocus algorithm empowered by MariSilicon X, the Find X6 series delivers breakthroughs in both focusing speed and accuracy to realize an industry-leading 42% image stabilization range. The inclusion of a customized focus motor also enables the Telephoto Camera to achieve a minimum focus distance of 25cm, helping users capture improved close-up shots.

The Next-Gen Image Processing Architecture Powered by MariSlicon X

The Find X6 series captures images that appear incredibly natural to the human eye. By intelligently scheduling resources from the MariSilicon X imaging NPU and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile Platform, the Find X6 series is able to give full play to the sensors of the three rear cameras, delivering breakthroughs in image clarity, light, and color, all without any noticeable digital artifacts.

Legendary Portrait in your pocket with the Hasselblad

Based on the new Three Main Camera system and Next-Gen Image Processing Architecture, the Find X6 series introduces a new Hasselblad Portrait Mode, bringing unpresented optical realism to portraits by simulating the colors and depth of field of Hasselblad’s classic XCD30 and XCD80 lenses.

Using OPPO's auto-focus and auto-white balance algorithms and the upgraded 13-channel spectral sensor, the Find X6 series can capture ambient color, natural and comfortable color transitions, and pleasing skin tones with greater accuracy in a variety of lighting conditions.


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