OpenAI to offer users up to $20000 Bounty Program  

OpenAI, the firm behind chatbot sensation ChatGPT, said on Tuesday that it would offer up to $20,000 to users reporting vulnerabilities in its artificial intelligence systems. OpenAI Bug Bounty program, which went live on Tuesday, will offer rewards to people based on the severity of the bugs they report, with rewards starting from $200 per vulnerability.

Technology companies often use bug bounty programs to encourage programmers and ethical hackers to report bugs in their software systems. According to details on bug bounty platform Bugcrowd, OpenAI has invited researchers to review certain functionality of ChatGPT and the framework of how OpenAI systems communicate and share data with third-party applications.

The program does not include incorrect or malicious content produced by OpenAI systems.

The move comes days after ChatGPT was banned in Italy for a suspected breach of privacy rules, prompting regulators in other European countries to study generative AI services more closely. Microsoft Corp-backed OpenAI's ChatGPT, which has taken the world by storm since its launch in November, has wowed some users with quick responses to questions and caused distress for others with inaccuracies.

“OpenAI’s mission is to create artificial intelligence systems that benefit everyone. To that end, we invest heavily in research and engineering to ensure our AI systems are safe and secure. However, as with any complex technology, we understand that vulnerabilities and flaws can emerge,” the company wrote on its website. “The OpenAI Bug Bounty Program is a way for us to recognize and reward the valuable insights of security researchers who contribute to keeping our technology and company secure.”

Given ChatGPT’s meteoric rise since its release to the public last fall, a crowdsourcing approach to ghosts in the machine is a pretty foolproof approach to bolster OpenAI’s security presence—and there will probably be plenty of tech fanboys willing to sign up. There is also the possibility that this is an attempt by OpenAI to shower the company in public goodwill by opening access to the company’s inner machinations, much the same way Elon Musk did by making parts of Twitter’s recommendation algorithm open source.

ChatGPT has truly taken the world by storm over the past few months

ChatGPT has passed an MBA-level exam at Whartonwritten an article for Gizmodo, and even pretended to be blind to convince a human to solve a captcha. The rapid progression and effectiveness of the AI has worried some experts, however, so much so that 500 top technologists (and Elon Musk) have demanded an AI pause on more powerful systems citing potential hazards it may present in an uncertain future for the tech.


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