Netflix is going to launch a new N - Plus service which may offer many feature

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  • May 08,2021
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Netflix is seemingly planning to launch a new service named 'N- Plus'. This new service will provide behind the scenes information and other details which are regarding Netflix shows. Now, before launching this service the company has put a survey to get users feedback and what they think about this new service. 

The survey also suggests that N-Plus can be found via a simple Google Search about any show or its cast, via messages/emails via Netflix, or even via app notifications.

The content is expected to include text, image, and video feeds you can sign up for news, interviews, analysis, deep dives, games, how-tos, audience conversations, music, podcasts, and more.


Netflix new service :Netflix N- Plus

As per the protocol, Netflix defines N-Plus as space where users can learn more about the Netflix shows, series and other stuff related to them. This service may offer features like user-generated playlist, podcasts and many more. 

Currently, Netflix uses social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to deliver promotional podcasts, interviews, behind the scene information to their users. It can be said that the company wants to depend less on other platforms like social media, and plans to build a community around Netflix instead. 

One of the features which are shown in the survey is the choice to create your custom playlist of favourite TV shows, web series and movies on Netflix. And if the user has not a paid subscription then they can only watch the trailer of the movie or web series. Moreover, the company is also planning to provide access to make a playlist of all the track songs of the users' favourite show or movie. 





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