Rollova is a tiny digital ruler that will allow you to measure the length of line curves and other surfaces. So, if you measure the length of items around you then it is a perfect gadget for you. 

The makers of Rollova 2.0 are Hozo Design has made it with stainless steel, nylon plastic, silicon rubber and aluminium alloy in manufacturing of this product. This is the second creation of this product and as per company claims it is 60% more accurate and it uses 25% or less power. You will also be provided with a leather case to keep the ruler in your pocket safely.

Rollova 2.0 comes up with a 1.2 inch OLED display with a pixel resolution of 128×64. It shows three different types of measuring units which are inch (fraction and decimal) and centimetre (decimal).

It is easy to use, you have to press and hold the button and then roll it on the surface to measure length. You can measure the length up to 999.9 cm. It also allows to measure corner length, it has an offset feature that evaluates the radius or diameter in the measurement. The ruler saves the data entries up to 99 in its storage capacity. The Rollova 2.0 supports a CR1632 battery. 




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