Microsoft to Launch Outlook Lite app for Android

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  • Jul 03,2022
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Tech giant Microsoft is readying a lighter and faster version of Outlook –“Outlook Lite app”, will be available for android users soon. The mention of this app was added to the road map on 30th June. And, as per sources Microsoft plans to make the new app available worldwide in July 2022.

Forte of this app will be to deliver loaded Outlook options right into a moderately small app dimension for telephones with low RAM, so as to target low-end smartphone users on any network.


There is already a lighter-weight Outlook app available in a few countries that are known as "Outlook Lite".So the new roadmap entry perhaps could be referencing an updated version of this app or a more broadly available version of it.

Microsoft is currently testing publicly its new "One Outlook" client for Windows. One Outlook/Project Monarch, which looks and feels a lot like Outlook for the Web/, was said to be designed to unify the Windows, Web, and Mac codebases for Outlook.


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