Instagram reels will now appear on Facebook feeds

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  • Mar 26,2024
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Here is good news for all Instagram reels users.  As everybody knows, Instagram has launched reels that enable users to make short and creative videos on their mobile; it includes various features like several soundtracks, filters, one can also edit the video as per one's wish. It came into existence after the TikTok ban in India. And no doubt that reels are loved by everyone, every single Instagram user enjoys watching and making reels as they are short videos of 30 seconds. Reels represent the new trends on Instagram and help to enhance the reach. It consists of short funny videos, art tutorials, makeup tutorials, lip-syncing, short dance videos, and many more. You can also be a digital creator if you have unique ideas.


Soon Instagram reels will appear on the Facebook feeds.  Facebook is on a way to launch this feature. All those users who have a public account on Instagram will be able to post their reels on Facebook. This will be helpful for many reels creators to get more views and followers.  If the users choose to recommend their reels on Facebook only then the reels will be uploaded using the user's Instagram username, not the Facebook account. 

For a trial, this feature will be experimented with by YouTuber Ashish Churchland, Suresh Raina and a few other public figures. 


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