Google Fit adds support for Heart and Respiratory rate monitoring

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  • Mar 22,2024
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Google is rolling out support for the Google Fit app which will allow the Pixel phones to measure heart and respiratory rates. Last month, Google had announced this feature through a blog post and said that it would start rolling out the features next month. 

Initially, this update would be available in the Google Fit app on Pixel devices and later on, to other Android devices. According to Google, both of these features will work by using your phone’s rear and front camera. Google has also released an official video tutorial on using these features.

The new features will start rolling out from next week on Pixel devices. To use the features, make sure your Google Fit app is updated to the latest version. 



To measure the heart rate, click on the heart icon on the homepage and after granting the necessary permissions, place your finger on the lens of your rear camera as directed in the video. Your pulse will be detected and results based on your data will be shown.

Similarly, if you want to measure your respiratory rate, click on the corresponding icon and grant the permissions. Next, place your front camera in such a way where your face and torso are visible. The camera will track your chest movements to analyze your respiratory rate.

Google also specifies that these features are not meant for medical purposes. “While these measurements aren’t meant for medical diagnosis or to evaluate medical conditions, we hope they can be useful for people using the Google Fit app to track and improve day-to-day wellness.”, Google said. 


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