Verkada delivers cloud-based security services, it is a security startup by silicon valley. According to the recent news it is claimed that some hackers have hacked 150,000 cameras of the factories and warehouses in Tesla and also hospitals, jails, offices of Verkada police station and schools. 

This hack to the system's camera and other places is done as a gesture to tell that the company has set up their cameras at so common places and they are easy to be hacked, the group of these hackers also have the full clip of customers of Verkada and also they have access to the live feeds.

As per the statement by Bloomberg, the vekada's security team are on investigations of this case, the hackers have no access to archives and live feeds.

It was a simple and easy hack the team of hackers has achieved super admin access to Verkada 's system by a username and password that they got publicly from the internet. And, they are ready to attain access to the company's cameras, and gradually on a few internal networks of the company's.

 Verkada is a company that provides security cameras claiming to make security seamless and unique.  The cameras are established on a cloud-based network that contains a web-based interface that provides facial recognition software.The company has also come into controversy in the past on the charge of sexism and racism.





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