Infinix 160W Charger in Development

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  • Jun 29,2022
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We have seen a 100W charger from Xiaomi, but this time we have an image of an Infinix charger that can deliver wattage up to 160W. That is surely a massive output until now.

Infinix a HongKong based brand is always ready to produce some solid products with high-grade specifications. Following the same trend, XDA-Developers shared a photo of an upcoming Infinix-branded 160W fast charger, intended for use in a future mobile phone. This is the highest wattage until now we have seen in any device.

Looking at the image we come across only one question, whether any device is capable of taking all the juice that the adapter is going to provide. Currently, we have devices that can charge up to 33W or as close as 70W, so it would be interesting to see whether we get some devices or not that would support this huge amount of wattage juice.

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