No Charging of Phones and Laptops at night in Indian Railways

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  • Apr 22,2024
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We travel a lot through trains and night train journeys are more comfortable than day journey. We do carry most of our electronic devices such as phones, laptops etc with us during the journey. There might be cases where we forget to charge our devices and think that in trains we will be having sockets for charging, but this is not the case now.

Following new rules, Indian Railways has put a ban on charging of electronic devices, this is due to the happenings of fire in trains during night time. Indian Railways has told that most of the fires that took place were due to overcharging or short-circuiting of electronic devices.

As a result, passengers travelling between 11 pm to 5 am will not be able to charge their phones onboard. Senior officials of Indian Railways told PTI on Tuesday that Western Railways already began implementing the new rule on March 16 by cutting off the power supply to these charging docks during the mentioned hours.

“It is a Railway Board instruction for all railways. We have started implementing it from March 16,” Sumit Thakur, CPRO of Western Railway stated.

Initially, the rule was introduced back in 2014 where the Commissioner of the Indian Railway Board recommended that charging stations inside trains should be turned off between 11 pm to 5 am.

“In view of the recent incidents of fire, we have done the needful. It is a precautionary measure and even earlier the Railway Board had issued such orders. The power from the main switchboard for these points will be switched off from 11 pm to 5 am,” Guganesan told PTI.

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