Pixel 6 is going to be powered by a chipset made by Google

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  • Apr 03,2022
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About a year ago, rumors about google developing its chipset to utilize in pixel phones and as well in Chromebooks. It was claimed that Google and Samsung are in partnership to build a custom Exynos chipset which is codenamed as Whitechapel.

Well, according to the recent news this year pixel 6 is going to be powered by a mobile chipset that is made by Google.

Reports said that the Whitechapel chips are being built in a partnership with Samsung SLSI (semiconductor's system large-scale integration division). The first chipset made by Google is referred to as GS101 where GS can be related to Google Silicon. As per the documents by 9to5 Google, it will give power to the new flagship Pixel 6.


  • Well, the reports don't illustrate anything regarding the specifications. But still, some are known, the chipset will be created on Samsung's 5nm LPE node process.
  • It is going to be an octa-core processor with 2x Cortex A78 cores, 2x Cortex A76 cores, and 4x Cortex A55 cores.
  • It is going to be provided with the Samsung ISP, AI Engine, and the Pixel visual core.
  • The Whitechapel chips will not be constrained to only pixel smartphones it will also be provided in Chromebooks and other hardware projects.


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