IIT Hyderabad achieves milestone in 5G research

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  • Jul 08,2022
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The IIT Hyderabad (IITH) in collaboration with  WiSig Networks announced the first-ever 5G data call using indigenously developed 5G ORAN (Open Radio Access Network) tech. A call was made using MIMO (Multiple-Input Multiple-Output) capable base station which supports 100MHz bandwidth in the 3.3-3.5 GHz frequency band.

Considering till date we are using imported 2G 3G and 4G technology, this is a big step for India in the communications industry, even though the equipment(wireless) was getting assembled in India yet the entire tech, the patents were not available to us.
"Equipped with these abilities, India can be self-reliant and sufficient in designing and manufacturing wireless broadband equipment and know-how and play an increasingly important role in future generation technologies, product and services," said Prof Kiran, dean of research and development."IIT-H and WiSig developed more than 100 5G patents and 15 of which are declared as 3GPG standards-essential patents to TSDSI," said Prof BS Murty, director, IIT-H.


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