Google Most Likely To Fix Chrome’s High RAM Usage

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  • Jun 23,2024
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Yesterday, Microsoft has announced that they have managed to fix memory issues in the new Chromium-based Edge. They achieved it with the help of the Segment Heap memory management system in May 2020's Windows 10 Update. 

Despite being the popular browser all over the world, Chrome is infamous for using lots of PC's memory. Google tried many methods to solve this problem but is unable to reduce the large memory consumption of Chrome. Now, it seems that Google will follow the suit. A Google Chrome engineer said that the team is likely to switch to Segment Heap, which would "save hundreds of MB in the browser and Network Service utility, among others, on some machines."

Switching to Segment Heap may be the Holy Grail that would solve one of the biggest problems that Chrome users face. This may also help Google to gain more audience. 

Windows 10 Segment Heap Memory Management has formally worked for some system apps and some Modern apps. Memory management improvements have been extended to Win32 applications in the latest Windows 10 2004 update. This would enable several 3rd-party developers to manage memory in their apps more efficiently.

Microsoft said they were able to reduce the RAM usage of the Edge browser by 27% with the help of Windows 10 2004 latest feature. Google announced that they will begin working on the feature implementation once the team builds Chrome with Windows 10 Build 19041.0 SDK. If Google manages to reduce this much of memory usage, it will be like heaven on earth for its users. But currently, they are unable to proceed with the production due to mysterious build failures.

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