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After the success of Remove China Apps (which got taken down from the Play Store), Indian developers came up with an app that lets you check if a product is made in India. The anti-China sentiments in India have led a few Indian developers to come up with new solutions that can help Indian citizens to reduce their dependence on Chinese products.

Noida-based developers Mohit Jain and Akshay Tank came up with the app named "Made in India" which will check if a product is Indian or not. This app is available in both English and Hindi. Also, the developers claim that their app can identify products manufactured in over 115 countries

The app listing states- "Scan the product barcode now to find out the origin country of your product. This free application provides an opportunity for those who wish to support and promote local products."  

Using the app is very simple, just scan the barcode of the product whose origin you want to find. We test the app scanning the barcode of a Xiaomi phone made in India and it detected that it originates from China.

When we tested for Indian brands like Amul, Britannia, the shows that the product originates from India.

This app will become very useful in this #BoycottChineseProducts campaign and will help you to switch to Indian products more efficiently. To download the Made in India app follow this link.

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