Facebook banned account due to online shopping scams

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  • Apr 16,2024
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We carefully monitor all clicks and impressions served on the Audience Network to detect patterns of click fraud. Facebook aims to deliver value for advertisers on the Audience Network by ensuring that all ad engagement, including views and clicks, is authentic and intentional. We have zero-tolerance for click fraud committed by publishers. If the payment method you're using to run ads on Facebook fails, you can try one of these options.

If your ads are paused, you won't receive any additional charges until you pay the amount due. We ban publishers immediately when we detect fraud. Once your balance is paid, we resume any active or scheduled ads and attempt to make up any lost time to meet the original campaign dates and budgets you've set.

When the payment method you're using to run ads on Facebook fails, your ads are paused until you pay your outstanding balance. Here are common reasons why failed payments may happen

1. There are insufficient funds on your credit or debit card

Make sure there are sufficient funds on your card, especially toward your monthly bill date. We automatically charge you whenever you spend a certain amount, known as your billing threshold, and again on your monthly bill date for any leftover costs.

2. Incorrect bank account information

Make sure the bank account information (ex: account number, bank code, or bank name) in your Payment Settings is correct.

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