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A tiny washing machine to clean your wax-encrusted of Earbuds

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  • Apr 20,2024
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The highly expensive and premium quality earphones cannot even be dispensed and replaced with a new earphone every few months by the users. The Earbuds cleaner has been provided with a tiny flexible spinning brush that can reach even the narrowest of earbud portions and clean the dirt off.

The promotional video released by the makers shows Apple iPhone earphones getting cleaned however, the company has claimed that earphones or even other brands such as Samsung and Bose can be cleansed by the machine. The facility of cleansing the system itself has additionally been offered in order that the eliminated wax from the earphones doesn’t accumulate on the backside of the system.

The makers of the system have claimed that the cleansing system has been designed in such a method that it doesn’t trigger any harm to delicate components of the earphone. The Earbuds cleaner has been supplied with a tiny versatile spinning brush that may attain even the narrowest of earbud parts and clean the dust off. Once the preliminary cleansing has been finished, the earbuds are put into a cleansing drum which rubs and rotates the earbuds identical to garments get rotated and cleaned in a washing machine.

In this method, even the finer particles of wax that aren’t seen to the conventional eye are far away from the floor.

The device this way can be used to successfully clean the earphones of different shapes and different sizes a number of times. The facility of cleaning the device itself has also been provided so that the removed wax from the earphones does not accumulate at the bottom of the device.


The problem of extensively used earphone buds getting soiled with earwax is a common phenomenon in recent times as customers face the dilemma of either buying a new pair or pocket the embarrassment of continue using a dirty pair.

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