Chinese Government bans Tripadvisor & 100+ apps in China

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  • Dec 19,2024
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The Cyberspace Administration of China said it had removed 105 apps that is considered to be "illegal," including that of the US travel giant. App stores as part of a campaign to get rid of content related to pornography, prostitution, gambling, and violence. Tripadvisor (TRIP) from mobile app stores in the country as the government embarks on a fresh bid to "clean up" the internet. 

That same year, China blocked hotel group Marriott's app and website for a week. The move came after the company was found to have listed Hong Kong and Macao as individual "countries" on its platforms, angering officials. Chinese regulators said the apps they removed were the first of many that would be taken down in a wide-ranging "clean-up" of online content that started last month.


Past track reports

Chinese internet users have lived behind the so-called "Great Firewall" for years. US social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter have long been blocked in the country, and the United States and China have increasingly clashed over technology from both sides.



The majority of apps in the latest crackdown from Beijing are domestic ones, with authorities saying the ban was in response to content the public "deemed offensive". It is unclear why TripAdvisor has been banned. The BBC has contacted the firm for a comment but has not yet received a response. The internet remains heavily regulated in the country with US firms Google, Facebook, and Twitter all blocked.

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