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Best Power Banks under ₹1000

A power bank is probably one of the handiest smartphone accessories that you can carry with you. You never know when you might need a quick top-up. If you are looking for the best power banks under 1000 in India then you are in right place now.

After researching this price segment, we have come up with the list below:

Mi 3i






1. Mi 3i                                      

It allowing you to easily charge your smartphone multiple times. It offers a compact design with a textured sandstone finish that ensures that the power bank does not fall from your hands. It supports two-way 18W fast charging, ensuring that your devices are charged quickly. It offers 9 layers of circuit protection and allows you to charge two devices at once. It comes with a low power charging mode that allows you to slowly charge low power devices such as fitness bands.

2. Redmi  

Xiaomi recently launched this new Redmi 10000 mah power bank along with a 20000 mAH variant. With a price tag of Rs.799, this power bank offers you 10W two-way quick charge support and micro USB and USB type C input ports.

With a Solid plastic build and anti-slip texture, the power bank is very slim and compact. Coming to the performance, the power bank offers a 65-70% conversion rate, which is quite good compared to most of the other power banks. You can easily get 6500-6700 mAH capacity out of the full capacity.  

3. Realme 

The Realme power bank features a capacity of 10000mAh and supports an 18W fast charge, allowing you to charge your devices quickly. It supports two-way fast charging and comes with 12 layers of circuit protection to prevent accidents. The power bank comes with a high-density battery that can retain 100% of its capacity after 500 recharge cycles.

4. Philips  

The Philips DLP1710CB is the best power bank under 1000 Rs. It comes with an all-new modern design and compact size, which looks really premium and classy. The grooved surface of this power bank improves the design of this power bank, as well as offers a good grip. It also very slim and lightweight compared to other 10000mAH power banks in the same price range.

It supports 10W max 2.1A fast charging and comes with two USB output ports and one MicroUSB input and one USB type C input for fast charging.   The charging speed is a little bit slow compared to most of the other power bank in this price range, so if you phone support 15W or 18W fast charging, then this one is not the right choice for you. Coming to the capacity, this power bank has a 10,000mAh battery inside, of which approximately 6500-6700mAh is the actual usable charging capacity.  

5. boAt  

The boAt 10000 mAh Power Bank is my third choice on the list of best power bank under 1000 Rs. Honestly, this power bank charges my phone really fast, it takes only 1h 10 min to full charge my 3000 mAH battery powered Oneplus phone. It also takes very little time to charge itself, thanks to 18W USB Type C input.

6. Ambrane   

The Ambrane Power Bank features a 10000mAh capacity and comes with 12W fast charging support. It features a compact design with an ABS plastic exterior that prevents scratches and marks. It comes with 9-layers of circuit protection, allowing you to safely charge your devices. It comes with an LED indicator that shows the current power level of the power bank. It comes with dual 12W USB ports, allowing you to charge two devices at once.


  1. These portable chargers can charge from one to more than 3 devices at a time.
  2. Some of these chargers can also revive tablets, cameras, and other USB devices.
  3.  A power bank allows you to use your smartphone and other accessories on the go without having to worry about running out of power.
  4. Power banks allow you to charge your device multiple times and some power banks even allow you to charge two devices at once.  



Power banks are extremely useful when you are traveling or your smartphone’s battery doesn’t last long. It has become very hard to keep ourselves away from our smartphones as we are highly dependent on them.

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