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New Search Engine announced to beat Google Search with better AI tools, a new search engine developed by former Salesforce chief scientist Richard Socher is making a buzz, as it aims to take on Google and other search engines dependent on advertising. “We are building You can already go to it today. And it’s a trusted search engine. We want to work on having more click trust and less clickbait on the internet.” AI background could help him build a consumer-focused research tool.

 The search engine is reportedly built using advanced natural language processing (NLP) for refined relevant search results without having to rely on advertising.  The site claims to offer trustworthy reviews from real users and experts, letting you know both the pros and cons of a product. The need for user data privacy is also increasing and has been of significant importance in 2020 as more of the world moved towards the Internet.

The site says offers privacy controls to let users customize their browsing experience. The company says it ‘never sells your data to advertisers or follows you around the rest of the Internet.' The search website is currently live and is taking registrations for early access. The website states that it offers privacy controls to let users customize their browsing experience and that it will “never sells your data to advertisers or will follow you around the rest of the Internet.”  

Richard Socher  said that “The biggest impact thing we can do in our lives right now is to build a trusted search engine with AI and natural language processing superpowers to help everyone with the various complex decisions of their lives, starting with complex product purchases, but also being general from the get-go as well.” Once you find this information, it is impossible to know precisely what you can trust. This problem has a huge impact on society as a whole.

The former Salesforce employee asserts The principal differentiator from Google Search will be that will not rely on advertising or what it knows about the user to throw results. As of now, there is no clarity on when will get out of its beta testing phase and launch commercially for regular people to try out.

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