Google Pay will not be Free Anymore

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  • Nov 25,2024
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Google Pay is going to discontinue its peer-to-peer payment system coming this January 2021, hence will charge a small amount for money transfers. The amount is still unknown but most probably, it would be around 1.5%. So, there are no more free Google Pay transfers, and you have to pay a small amount for the same.

In place of the peer-to-peer system, a new system know to be Instant Money Transfer system will be added by coming January. This new system will add a small amount to the money being transferred and payer have to bear the fee. The Online system or Web APP for Google pay which is accessible at will be closed coming this January, hence users will not be able to transfer money using the web app for Google Pay. Moreover, the company has changed the logo of Google Pay App, currently, these changes are for American Android and iOS users.

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