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Best TWS Earphones Under ₹1,499 In India

Here are fashions priced underneath Rs. 1,500 that are presently handy to buy in India. The listing is sorted by way of the launch date, which ability the most recent fashions are on pinnacle whilst t

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Neckband Earphones Under Rs.1500

Today, we’re searching for the first-rate wi-fi in-ear selections that you can purchase for beneath Rs 1,500 in India. While the Sennheisers and Sonys of the world haven’t breached this ch

Best 5 Budget Wired Earphones under ₹500

Wired earbuds used to be the way to listen to music from your phone. Nowadays though, more and more phone manufacturers are killing off the 3.5mm jack in preference of Bluetooth audio. There can be so

Best Earphones Under 500 in India

All the earphones on our list sound incredibly good for the price and most of them come with decent build quality as well. The earphones ranked in this article are ergonomic and comfortable. These hea

Boat Xplorer smartwatch launched in India, starting at Rs 2999

Budget audio products and smart wearable manufacturer Boat has launched a new smartwatch in India. Dubbed Boat Xplorer, the smartwatch is the latest addition to the company's array of budget werables

Nokia is going to launch its new audio products on 5th April

According to the recent news, Nokia is going to launch its new audio product on the 5th of April.  As per rumors, the company is targeting to compete with the Boat and Noise.   These n

BoAt To Launch round dial Smart Watches in India

The Indian tech lifestyle brand BoAt has made a huge impact on the market by launching high-quality products at competitive prices in the past few years. The brand is exclusively famous for its huge c

Best Power Banks under ₹1000

A power bank is probably one of the handiest smartphone accessories that you can carry with you. You never know when you might need a quick top-up. If you are looking for the best power banks under 10

Best TWS under Rs. 5000

A few months ago, we didn’t have many options under Rs 5,000 for a TWS in India. But, now with multiple launches, we get a handful of TWS earbuds in the sub Rs 5,000 segment. In case you want to

Top 5 TWS earbuds under 2000

Audio forms an integral part of our life - we all listen to music, watch movies, and binge on TV shows on our smartphones for hours at a time. However, it tends to be the most ignored part of the mult