Apple fined $2 million in Brazil for not including charger in iPhone 12 boxes

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  • Mar 16,2022
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Apple is one of the most leading cell phone selling companies including tabs, laptop and other gadgets. We all know that last year Apple stopped providing chargers and earbuds because of environmental issues. They said not including any of these things will help to reduce carbon emission and most of the users are using wireless chargers so there is no need to add chargers.

According to the current news from the Brazilian media house, the consumer's protection agency, Procon SP of Sao Paulo, has fined Apple $2 for not providing the charger with the phone. As per them "selling an iPhone without a charger in the country is a violation of Brazil's consumer defence Code"

Fernando Capez, the executive director of Procon - SP has said that Apple needs to understand the Brazilian consumer laws, so the company has to provide the charger along with the phone box or in a separate box.

When the agency informed the company last year in December, Apple replied that many users possess the charging adapter, hence there is no need to provide one with the box. This is the fact that iPhones are sold more expensive in Brazil than in other countries now if there is no charger included in the box will not be acceptable by the users. The complaints regarding iPhone repair were also there against Apple. It is claimed that they refused to repair the water-resistance devices even after when they are on the warranty period.

In conclusion, for not obeying the Brazilian consumer's rules and regulations Apple is charged $2 Million. 




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