Oppo's ColorOS used in Newly launched OnePlus 9 in China

  • Mar 30,2022
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In China for the new series of android used by Oppo smartphones, the OnePlus 9, OnePlus is switching to ColorOs. This new move is announced on OnePlus Forums by Gary C, their product lead on OxygenOS, which is used in the rest of the world in OnePlus phones. 

Gary C says that as a global technology company, they always look for more than one way to address the different usage habits and preferences among their users worldwide. He also added that they as a global technology company truly believe that this new operating system is going to bring a software experience for their Chinese users which is better suited to their liking. 

It was hinted a few weeks ago which now confirms that OnePlus is going to make its move to Oppo's ColorOS 11 ROM, leaving behind its old HydrogenOS for devices all over China and only for China. OnePlus and Oppo for a very long time have been sharing official resources about the adoption of ColorOS for OnePlus isn't new at all as all the OnePlus hardware is widely based on Oppo's products. For example, OnePlus recently launched a Band is the rebranded version of Oppo Band while Nord is the reworked version of more than one Oppo Reno devices. 

This newly launched global OnePlus series doesn't change anything which is set to be unveiled in the upcoming days. However, this does appear to spell the end for HydrogenOS, a China-specific version of Android which was used by OnePlus for a long time for all their phones that had been shipped to the mainland. 


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