YouTube has now added another tool to its YouTube Studio to be used by content creators to avoid possible copyright violations. This tool which YouTube is calling Checks first came to light after a screenshot was shared by Matt Navarra. The tool is said to cross-examine the video the content creator is uploading for "any copyright issues that may result in restricted visibility". 


The tool will display all the problems related to the video to be uploaded regarding infringement and the creators can address the issues before the video is published. Details regarding the problem will be shared which includes the impact which it will have and the timestamp.

This system is aimed at reducing the number of videos that have infringement claims or issues that limit ads, according to YouTube. The checks usually take up to 5 minutes, 3 for the copyright checks and another two for the ad suitability checks. This Check system will allow creators to avoid uploading videos as unlisted just to check if visibility or monetization will be restricted when made public. 

Creators can avoid the Check System and publish their content while the checks are running but there is a risk of their videos being limited if the system finds any problem later. Checks harness YouTube's Content ID System, which monitors all content for copyright infringement.

Even if the Check System fails to find any problem in the video, copyright owners can still manually file an infringement claim after the video is uploaded. But this system will still help creators from accidental violation of the policy or having to go through the trouble of fighting these claims. This will also reduce piracy on YouTube too.



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