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Vi Records Top 5G Download Speed Of 5.92 Gbps: Trial in Pune

During the ongoing 5G trials, Vodafone Idea (Vi) and Ericsson claimed to have achieved a technological milestone by displaying a peak download speed of 5.92 Gbps. Vodafone-Idea set a new speed record

WhatsApp expands file sharing to 2GB: Here's everything about other platforms!

The file sharing limit on WhatsApp was recently upped to 2GB. This means WhatsApp users can transfer files up to 2GB in size. I'm curious if there is another platform that allows people to exchange su

TRAI Recommends Price Cut in 5G Spectrum Price

According to an official, decreasing the base price of 5G spectrum is the responsibility of the cabinet, not the DoT. The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is expected to accept Trai's recommend

Samsung Planning to Sell Recycled Parts for Repairing

Samsung users may benefit from lower repair expenses, If this initiative is implemented. In the first half of this year, Samsung may offer a manufacturer-certified recycled parts programme. In the

Facebook messenger is going to have Bill Split Feature

Facebook now known as Meta (parent company) is working on a new feature for Messenger, which is the bill split feature. We have seen this feature first in Hike, and now Meta is integra

WhatsApp new Feature that you should take a look

The Facebook universe has become a child of META, and we have seen in past that Facebook is moulding all its children to have similar features. We have seen this with Instagram and Facebook reels. Now

Best Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are just heaven for keyboard users. If you are a keyboard user you can feel the relaxment. Keyboard shortcuts make things easier, and you can get your work done fast and convenient.

What is Caret Browsing? How Caret Browsing is beneficial

If you are related to the Internet by any means, then this browser capability will surely help you with the work. Caret browsing was present in each and every browser for a long decade, you can use th

WhatsApp is working on Message Reactions

WhatsApp is always ahead in providing best-in-class features to its users. Now, WhatsApp is working on "Message Reactions" just like we see on other messaging or social media applications such as Me

Logged Out of WhatsApp ? This might be the reason

WhatsApp Android users are getting a notification on their devices that they have been logged out of WhatsApp, but you might not need to worry about it. Every source suggests that this is due to a bug

YouTube Premium Lite Feature is Coming | Cheaper YouTube Premium Alternative

Google-owned video uploading platform YouTube has a premium subscription feature that allows users to have an ad-free experience and some exclusive options such as background play. The pricing of stan

What is Cryptocurrency? Is it secure?

Technology is getting advanced day by day. It has totally changed the way people work, communicate and even shop online or offline. Brands and consumers prefer digital modes of payment more rather tha

Android App Claims to be Cryptocurrency Mining apps turn out to be Scams

When some app claims that, you can mine bitcoin in the cloud then please do proper research before installing those app, they might be totally scam and stealing your private information.  A secur

YouTube Rolls out Features for Streamers

YouTube is a big video uploading platform. People are on YouTube for many reasons. Some of them are streamers, people who came live to entertain or provide information to their viewers. Streaming popu

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