Amazon Prime video launches shuffle button

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  • Mar 22,2024
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Amazon Prime Video has launched a new shuffle button for TV episode for Android device users. This feature will play an episode from the TV show list randomly. The shuffle button appears along with the watchlist and share button. You can tap on "Shuffle Episode", and episodes will play in random order. This feature is however restricted to one season per show. This means that it will shuffle the episode within only one season, not the entire show. Amazon started testing this feature last year but now finally rolling out to customers.

This feature is useful for shows that are evergreens like Friends, Two Broke Girls and many more and people prefer to watch again and again just to entertain themselves and want to watch randomly. It looks like the shuffle button is rolling out slowly to Prime Video users as it isn’t available in India yet.

Most of the other streaming platform like Netflix, they have been testing out this "Shuffle play" feature since last year and planning to roll out this year. Netflix shuffles the content from the entire show. Netflix will recommend shows and movies according to your preferences. Although, these features are used to keep the user engaged on the platform and shuffling content on user preferences.

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