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  • Apr 13,2022
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Zoom's security issues are not stopping till now. There are many issues regarding security if offers. Initially, it was sending sensitive data to Facebook (not now) and several websites from which a hacker can easily track down to your PC have access to it.

Now, as per a report from The Washington Post, thousands of zoom video call recordings are available on the internet. This issue can be traced back to the way Zoom names its call recordings in an identical way.

Many recordings are also uploaded to Amazon Cloud Bucket, these videos can search using a search engine that can search through cloud space. Apart from this many "Thousands" of recording are being uploaded to YouTube and Vimeo. Several videos had personally identifiable information as well as intimate conversations.

Zoom offers a feature to record meetings by hosts, this is off by default, but meetings are getting recorded. The issue was notified to Zoom by the publishing house and the company is looking into the mater.

Zoom Encryption Keys are From China

A report from The Intercept, Zoom was found to be issuing encryption key from china even when all the participants of the meeting are not from China. Researchers from the University of Toronto found that some of the Zoom’s key management servers, that issue encryption keys during meetings, are located in China. During the test, researchers found out that the shared meeting encryption key during a meeting “was sent to one of the participants over TLS from a Zoom server apparently located in Beijing.”

This surely raises a security concern, as per law Zoom has to share these keys with the Chinese government if required.

This adds to the Zoom’s ongoing security issues that have been increasing on a daily basis. Yesterday, the company issued an apology to its users and also applied a 90-days feature freeze wherein it will not roll out a new feature and would focus on fixing its security issues.

You can use Zoom alternatives to evade any possible security lapse.

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