YouTube NFT New Deals Started

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  • Feb 19,2024
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YouTube is considering offering nonfungible token features as a new source of profit for its generators, company CEO Susan Wojcicki said in her periodic letter to generators Tuesday, which comes as its rivals similar as Twitter and Meta have formerly tapped into the growing request.


Wojcicki said the company is concentrated on helping generators “subsidize on arising technologies, including effects like NFTs,” and if it materializes, it would mark YouTube’s parent company Alphabet Inc.’s first entry into the request.

She added YouTube has been keeping tabs on Web3, a marquee term for the internet erected around cryptocurrency, calling it a “source of alleviation” for invention.

Last week, Twitter began allowing druggies to set their NFTs as their profile prints to show their investment in the request, and those who use the point are given hexagonal-structured profile filmland rather than the normal indirect shape bones.

The Financial Times reported last week brigades at Facebook and Instagram are working to add a point analogous to the one Twitter offers, and are working on a separate point that would let druggies produce and vend NFTs.


$24.9 billion. That’s last time’s deals volume of NFTs, according to data collector Dapp Radar. As a result of the NFT mode, the deals volume jumped significantly from$94.9 million in 2020.


NFT are empirical digital collectibles or digital means, frequently workshops of art that can be bought and vended on the blockchain. Celebrities, athletes, fashion brands, sports leagues, transaction houses, and indeed former first lady Melania Trump have jumped on the trend. Now, social media platforms are entering the request in part to give generators another source of profit and in part, because the NFT features are “ new digital status symbols” that allow people to “ affirm and display their class in identity groups and their place in social scales,” the Washington Post reported. For illustration, Twitter’s hexagonal form profile picture for druggies who use NFTs separates them from ordinary druggies. Tech critic and investor Eugene Wei told the Post NFT profile filmland also gesture people’s constancy to the cryptocurrency community.


While some NFT systems have been successful, that has not been the case for others like a pro wrestler and actor John Cena. He said his attempt to cash in on the request was a “disastrous failure” after only dealing 37 NFTs out of the 500 he'd planned.

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