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YouTube Channel Hacks Rising Globally

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  • Feb 25,2024
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Days after 20 YouTube channels and two websites were blocked for spreading anti-India propaganda and fake news, Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur on Wednesday advised that the government will continue to take similar action against those “setting conspiracy” against the country.

“I had ordered for action against them. … I'm happy that numerous big countries across the world took cognizance of it. YouTube also came forward and took action to block them,” Thakur told journalists then while replying to queries on the issue.

In a “nearly coordinated” trouble with intelligence agencies, the I&B ministry had in December last time ordered the blocking of 20 YouTube channels and two websites as they were spreading anti-India propaganda and fake news.

In a statement in December, the ministry had said that these 20 YouTube channels and the websites belonged to “a coordinated intimation network” operating from Pakistan.

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