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OPPO To Launch 160W Fast Charging Smartphone

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  • Feb 09,2023
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In history, we’ve seen some crazy fast charging technologies like the 200W HyperCharge by Xiaomi and 160W rapid-fire charging by Infinix. Still, these crazy pets were noway capitalized. As per a report before, Oppo has begun the process of bringing super-fast charging pets to the marketable request. Moment, Oppo’s 160W presto charging result passed China’s 3C attesting to its actuality.

The Oppo presto charging appendage has the model number VCK8HACH model number and is manufactured by Heyuan Huntkey Industrial Co. Ltd. The charging fast appendage has a 20V 8A speed which translates to 160W.

As reported before, Oppo this time was touted to mass- yield fast-charging results for its phones. This 160W fast bowl could be for a forthcoming Oppo device. Presently, Oppo has plans for the launch of the Oppo Finx X5 series, still, the device was spotted with 80W presto charging support. Having said that, the Find X5 won’t be the device supporting this technology. So, we can anticipate some other Oppo bias to support this technology in the future.

In the meantime, Nubia’s Red Magic is anticipated to launch the Red Magic 7 gaming phone coming month with a 165W fast charging result. The appendage was lately blurted. OnePlus has also lately launched the OnePlus 10 Pro with an 80W presto charging speed. Xiaomi and iQOO are formerly ahead in the game with a 120W fast charging result.

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