OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Launch Date Leaked

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  • Feb 23,2024
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Still, as it seems like the successor to the OnePlus Nord CE-the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G-might be just weeks down, If you’re after an affordable new OnePlus Nord phone also you’re presumably in luck.

That’s according to leaker Max Jambor, who on Twitter posted an image showing the phone’s name and the date February 11. We’d preliminarily heard rumors that the OnePlus Nord CE 2 would land in the first many months of this time, so that adds up.

Also, the image shows the layout of the phone’s camera block, including two large lenses, a lower one, and an LED flash. This too is in line with former leaks, as unofficial renders showed the same design.

One thing that doesn’t relatively line up is the name, as while it’s written then as the OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G, we’d preliminarily heard the phone appertained to as the OnePlus Nord 2 CE. We’re not sure if either of these will prove accurate, but that’s a minor point.

As for the release date and camera design, we’d take those details with a pinch of the swab, but Jambor is a reputed leaker, and since we’ve heard and seen analogous away, we’d suppose there’s a good chance these details are accurate. One way or another we’ll know soon, as February 11 is fast approaching.

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