'Watch Together' Feature Added to Facebook on iOS and Android Messenger

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  • Sep 22,2024
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Recently, Facebook has started rolling out a new feature that enables Messenger users to watch videos together. After a few months of launching screen sharing support, they have decided to roll out this update. 

The company wrote in its announcement post, "Shed a tear over a puppy rescue video, laugh out loud at the latest viral videos, scream during Blair Witch, or feel nostalgic while watching your favorite episode of Community. Watch Together will make you feel together even when you’re not"

It is pretty simple to begin with Watch Together. All you have to do is create a Messenger Room or start a video call. Then swipe up to open the menu and choose Watch Together. Once you have done that, you can simply select the content from the given categories or use the search bar to find the desired video. 

During Messenger Video calls, you can watch videos with up to eight people. Moreover, Facebook also mentions that using Messenger Rooms, you can watch your favorite videos with up to 50 people. 

Due to the pandemic, user engagement for video calls has increased swiftly in most platforms including Facebook. According to company statistics, over 15 million video calls are held and over 200 million videos are sent through the platform daily. The feature is now available to both Android and iOS. In case the feature is not visible in your app, make sure that you have the updated version of Messenger.

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