We first heard of Twitter adding a Tip Jar in March when Wong uploaded a screenshot of the given options for tipping. Wong said that Twitter allowed you to enter usernames for the following online payment platforms.

Twitter hasn't officially announced the addition of the Tip Jar, so this feature may not get released. However, if it is released, users will likely have to have a certain number of followers to use the feature.

Having said that, it remains to be seen whether or not the feature is for Twitter users outside of the Spaces section. Back then, the Tip Jar feature was spotted with a black icon instead of the blue one seen in the most recent leak.

Tapping on the button will provide you with options via which you can send money to people possibly for tweets they are sharing. It’s important to keep in mind that although this button is hidden in the Twitter app, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this feature will become available to the public.

We will update you more on this once we get more details. Hence, stay tuned.

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