Twitter working on a paid subscription model which includes an "undo tweet" feature

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  • Mar 15,2022
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Twitter has been working on a paid subscription model for a long time now. A job listing posted last year revealed that Twitter has a new internal team, codenamed “Gryphon,” that is working on a subscription platform.

Later on, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed that the company is indeed in the early stages of exploring a subscription model for the social media site. Twitter started to survey users about features that might be added as part of a paid service. Among features such as special badges for profiles and advanced analytics, an "undo send" option was also spotted.

This led to speculation about Twitter actually bringing in a most coveted feature that will allow users to undo tweets. The speculation was soon solidified when Twitter confirmed its ongoing test on the feature, in an email to CNET on Friday.

On the same day, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong posted an image of the subscription screen showing the "undo tweet" feature. A few days ago she had also shared a GIF showing the working of the feature. The undo button similar to the “undo send” button in Gmail, "appears to double as a progress bar, showing you how long you have to undo a tweet before it gets sent."


It is to be noted that the feature differs from deleting a tweet which is available to all users. Undoing the tweet prevents it from being sent in the first place. Twitter hasn't yet stated anything about the feature being permanently limited to a paid service and in the future, every user may be able to use such a life-saving feature.


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