Twitter users on Android can join Twitter's Spaces


  • Mar 13,2022
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So, finally, Twitter has opened Spaces, an audio chat room for Android users. As per the tweet on Tuesday from @TwitterSpaces. Twitter introduced a limited version of the clubhouse competitor on iOS. Any users of Twitter's iOS app can join and listen to spaces, only a few can host them at moment. Twitter said it was giving spaces to woman and people from other marginalized groups. Now, an Android user can join and listen to spaces.

This announcement doesn't mention when will android user will be able to host spaces. Right now Android users can speak and listen to the conversation in Spaces but not host their own chats just yet. So, Twitter has stepped into voice-based feature in-app over several months. Not only this, Twitter has also introduced the audio tweets last June in Apple iOS devices just for beta users allowing the user to send up to 140 seconds tweet. It also introduced support for voice-based direct messaging in India, last month for both Android and iOS users. Twitter will be adding an automated caption to audio and video in tweets later this year.

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