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  • Jan 15,2024
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Recently, a deadly virus "CORONA" emerged from East China and is being spread over the china region. People are afraid of this virus, as there is no vaccine available yet to treat this virus. A large number of people are infected from this virus and many are dead. As per reports, this virus has spread out from Bat Soup which is consumed in China.

People are now afraid of getting sick by it. As we do not know what are the symptoms of this virus and how to be safe from it. But we can tell you how you can monitor this Virus Online. A Website has been built by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering contains an online dashboard that pulls data from the World Health Organisation (WHO), as well as the centers for disease control (CDC) in the US, China, and Europe. On this website, you will be able to see all the current reports on CORONA Virus. You will get data such as which region is affected more and how many cases of this virus have been registered.

Website Link-> Track CORONA Virus


As per Lauren Gardner, a civil engineering professor at JHU, he stated that "The dashboard is intended to provide the public with an understanding of the outbreak situation as it unfolds, with transparent data sources."

This dashboard will surely help people to understand the outbreak of this deadly virus and get some real-time reports related to the virus. The Coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, has so far killed 107 people and infected almost 4,474 individuals (at the time of writing). Cases of the CORONA virus have also been confirmed in France, USA, Africa. But the situation there is not verse as in China.

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