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6 Tips for Fast Charging Your iPhone

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  • Aug 17,2024
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Sometimes you might need a quick charge on your iPhone. You have to leave for work and your iPhone is almost dead, and you just have a few minutes to charge. Sometimes charging on the go is not possible, but fast charging can give your iPhone juice for a few more hours. Let’s start with the tips that can charge your iPhone faster.

1. Upgrade your iPhone’s Charger and Cable

After the release of the iPhone 8, Apple has introduced fast charging in its iPhone devices. This is the only feature that works with official as well as third-party charging accessories. Third-party chargers that support USB Power Delivery along with high enough wattage to charge the device are totally compatible. You also need lightning to the USB-C power cable. This will allow you to charge your iPhone up to 50 percent battery level in just 30 minutes. When you purchase a charger, always check total power to port power, some brands claim that to produce 30W of power, but in a two-port charger, power is generally divided into 18W and 12W for each USB port.

2. Turn off your iPhone

Nowadays, we don’t turn off our smartphones too often, as most of the things are now living on just your palm, from text, email, calls, reminders, and messages. Turning it off, even for a short time, is not possible. This is especially the case if you’re always on the go and have to check in with work.

This is tried and tested, your phone will charge faster when it’s turned off and does not have to keep up with everything it’s running. Just turn it off and plug it in to charge.

3. Put your iPhone in Airplane mode

You can put your iPhone in Airplane mode and plug it in for charging. The iPhone's cellular connectivity is one of the biggest energy users. When not using Wi-Fi, our mobile phones are constantly in search of the nearest cell tower. The iPhone emits radio waves to locate cell towers and continuously analyzes signals based on strength to connect with nearby towers for the best connection. More power is consumed when the network tower is far away, the iPhone must reach the tower by emitting more power for stronger signal strength. Airplane mode simply disables all wireless radio of your device this will cut full charge time by a few minutes. Apple has already done a lot of work on battery optimization, airplane mode will just make a little difference in charging speed.

4. Turn on Low Power Mode

The iPhone's low power mode can accelerate charging by reducing usage by terminating non-essential apps from the background. Functions that are affected like automatic email fetching, automatic download, visual animation, iCloud backups, and 5G usage.

5. Keep your iPhone Cool

When you are charging your iPhone, keep it cool so that it always operates at optimal levels. This means avoiding excessive outside heat from the sun or heat generated via the iPhone while it is operational. Always keep your iPhone aways from direct sunlight and avoid keeping it on some hot surface. Stop using apps that consume too much battery like Instagram and social media. Stop playing games while your iPhone is on charging.

If your device gets heated up very frequently while charging, try to remove your case to disperse some built-up heat. 

6. Stay away from Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers just give convenience for charging though they lose efficiency. If you need a quick charge, then please avoid a wireless charger and use a wired charger for fast charging.

Power figures of Apple’s own MagSafe Charger. The product page notes that it provides up to 15W charge, compared to the 30W or even 60W chargers that use traditional cables. Apple’s MagSafe wireless charger took two hours and 36 minutes to charge an iPhone 12 Pro. In contrast, Apple’s stock Lightning cable for the phone needed only one hour and 45 minutes to accomplish the same task. If you want a quick charge in a short period then wireless chargers are not a good option.

These tips will help your iPhone charge faster so you can get quick juice in case of an emergency. Always keep an eye on iPhone battery health.

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