LPDDR5X- 8533 -RAM for high-end smartphones and slim notebooks

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  • Aug 23,2024
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The industry committee of JEDC has recommended an extension of the memory features LPDDR5. It is said that the new extension stage of LPDDR5X will make frequencies of more than 4 GHz, that is LPDDR5X-8533, which is 33 per cent enhancement from the previous maximum LPDDR5-6400. Many leading companies such as Samsung, SK, Micron and Hynix have produced many LPDDR5-5500 components in series. But, this time the difference is even greater. This RAM is aimed at high-end smartphones, thin notebooks and tablets.  

The 128-bit wide memory interface with four channels which are quad-channel, LPDDR elements that use lesser data paths than DDR memory, will go to have LPDDR5X of the transfer rate of 137 GB/s. The additional transfer rate would be advantageous in an integrated graphics unit of processors that do not require GDDR - RAM trimmed to bandwidth. 

The LPDDR5 and LPDDR4 (X), LPDDR5X features are directly soldered into circuit boards. Without annoying sockets and short signal paths, high block frequencies can be achieved successfully. The LPDDR - RAM of any kind can't be expanded or exchanged. This time is aimed to improve the signal quality in comparison to the previous LPDDR5.  

In future, the company Samsung and Micron co-designed the specification expansion JESD209-5B for LPDDR5 and will generate elements with high clock frequency. 




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