Apple will recalibrate batteries on iPhone 11 models to address battery health issues

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  • Apr 09,2023
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Apple will address the issue of battery health bug that has affected some users have encountered in its upcoming update. Reportedly the bug causes unexpected battery drain behavior or in some cases, reduced peak performance capability. However, Apple says that the inaccurate battery health reporting does not reflect an issue with actual battery health.

According to a support document by Apple, the update will recalibrate the maximum battery capacity and peak performance capacity on the ‌iPhone 11‌ models. The process is now being tested on the iOS 14.5 beta. After the update, users will see a message regarding the recalibration in their battery health settings.

"Recalibration of maximum capacity and peak performance capability happens during regular charge cycles, and this process might take a few weeks. The displayed maximum capacity percentage will not change during recalibration," Apple said. "Peak performance capability might be updated, but this might not be noticeable by most users. If a previous degraded battery message was displayed, this message will be removed after updating to iOS 14.5."

After the recalibration is completed, the maximum capacity percentage and peak performance capability information will be updated. If the recalibration indicates that battery health has indeed significantly declined, users will be shown a battery service message.

In some instances, recalibration might not be successful and a new battery service message will appear. In those cases, an Apple Authorized Service Provider can replace the battery free of charge to restore full performance and capacity. 




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