Time Limit On Free Google Meet Accounts After Sept 30

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  • Sep 23,2024
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During this pandemic situation, Google launched Google Meet as a response to the overwhelming growth of Zoom. Earlier in April when Google Meet was declared, it was free for all users until September 30. Since we are approaching the end of the free trial, it appears that the company is sticking to its original plan. 

Free Account holders in Meet can enjoy the service with up to 100 users without any time limitation whereas Zoom offered a 40 minute time restriction. Due to an increase in the number of people switching to online classes and remote work and as a result, Google Meet's user base has skyrocketed in such a short span.

Nevertheless, a 60-minute time restriction is expected to be set for free users after Sept 30. Moreover, GSuite and GSuite for Education users will lose access to the premium features on the free plan. Beginning from October, advanced features like saving video meetings directly to Google Drive and live streaming to 100K+ viewers on the same domain will only be restricted to premium users. 

A Google spokesperson reportedly told The Verge, “We don’t have anything to communicate regarding changes to the promo and advanced features expiring … If this changes, we’ll be sure to let you know“. It can be deducted there is no change in the tech giant’s plan as of now, and it is most likely that the free full-access to Google Meet and other services will end on the scheduled date.

Managers and teachers who used to take long sessions will be the most affected by the 60-minute time limit imposed for free account holders. On the other hand, people who use the service for 1-hour conferences or meetings would be least affected.


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