In its recent update, Telegram has rolled out several new features that will enhance user-experience and offer greater privacy and security.

Some of the features include auto-delete messages, expiring links, and broadcast groups are mentioned below:


Auto-Delete messages

This feature is not something that is new. Other rival messaging apps like WhatsApp have had it since 2020 and Signal since 2016. 

This new feature in Telegram allows the user to set up an auto-delete message feature between a span of 24 hours and 7 days for individual chats, groups, and channels. For groups or channels, the admins have the access to set up the feature and edit it. After the stipulated timeframe, the message disappears. There is a timer that can be accessed to view the remaining time. Android users can do so by tapping on the message while iOS users need to long press.

Broadcast groups

Currently, Telegram allows a limit of 200,000 members in a group. But now you can have groups with unlimited members. Yes, you read that right, but there’s a catch to it. Telegram’s new feature enables users to create groups with unlimited members, the Broadcast groups which also adds a voice chat feature where users can chat over and have discussions via audio. However, only admins are allowed to send messages in the group while others have access to voice chat.

Expiring links

With the growing concern of users over privacy and security, Telegram has experienced a surge in users. Now Telegram has rolled out the Expiring links feature to strengthen its position. “In addition to the main joining link to any Channel or Group, admins can create additional links to share with limited duration and number of uses or both,” Telegram said. These links can be set to expire at a given time or after a specific number of uses or both. It also allows the admins to monitor those who join through the links and by what source.

See all the new features on Telegram’s Blog.



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