Tata To Set Up Semiconductor Assembly Unit In India

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  • Dec 24,2023
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In Telangana, Tata Group is looking for possibilities in the electronics manufacturing sector to establish a semiconductor assembly unit. Telangana is one of the biggest conglomerates and comes under the three southern states considered by Tata Group of industries to establish an OSAT (Outsourced semiconductor assembly and test) plant. The other two states are Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. The Tata group is already in consultations with all three states to establish the plant with a total investment of $300million. This OSAT plant will assemble, package and test the boundary made silicon wafers and will turn them into well-finished semiconductor chips, which will be of crucial use for Tata Motors. As per the sources, this plan will come into action in 2022 and will develop around 4,000 jobs. According to Jayesh Ranjan, principal secretary to industries, Information Technology and Electronics, the government of India is well aware of the Tata Group's project and is waiting for it to be complete. This step by Tata Group that they took after facing the problems of lack of chips and semiconductors in the automobile industry will give rise to the ' Make in India ' ambition in the field of electronic manufacturing. It facilitates companies to manufacture, develop and assemble products that are made in India. 



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