Android Dual Sim Support Started

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  • Dec 08,2023
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Back in 2019 with the launch of Android 10, Google added dual SIM support on its pixel photos. However, the company took two years to announce the multiple SIM cards support in Android Auto. After a couple of months, the feature is finally out to Android Auto users. 

Now, while using Android Auto, if you have a dual sim then you will get an option to choose the SIM Card from which the call should be made. Previously, this was not the case, for making calls the Android Auto defaulted to the primary SIM. For some customers, the exact version is appearing as the release build of Android Auto on the Play Store. You can install and check any updates to the Android Auto App in case to see whether it adds the feature or not. Nowadays, almost all the major Android mobiles sold feature either two SIM card slots or have eSIM support for dual SIM features. 


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