Sony PS5 Will Be Even Harder To Buy In 2022

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  • Dec 24,2024
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Sony, the leading electronics company, is going through a hard time with the PS5 manufacturing process because of the ongoing lack in the semiconductor exchange. Still, many customers are having issues purchasing a unit, even after one year of the launch of consoles. There are barely a few minutes and these become accessible in stores for a very short period.

Apart from common customers there are some scalpers also purchasing the consoles to sell at higher rates because of the high demand. Many PlayStation fans were hoping for nicer conditions in 2022 but unfortunately, it is not going to happen. As per the recent news on Bloomberg, the Japanese technology company has decreased the internal creation forecast for PS5.

The reason for this selection is the chip scarcity troubling the common electronics industry. The company is expecting a target of 16 million 7 units of Play station 5 to be developed between April 2021 and March 2022. But now this figure has declined because of the restrictions in continuous supply. Instead of all these problems the company is still content with the quantity of PS5 consoles being sold. Now it's a curious topic to know how the company will work with all the lack of issues. 


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